Patrice Belle is a fresh, creative, modern international architect committed to achieving architecture of the highest quality.

We will help you bring your aspirations and vision to reality, as well as add value to your project through good design and sound construction. Undertaking a building project, whatever its scale, can be a daunting experience. With Patrice Belle you are employing a bilingual, international architect who has undertaken seven years of professional training, and benefits from a further twenty years experience – no other building profession is trained in design and construction to such a level of expertise.


Good design enriches and transforms lives. We employ a practical and imaginative approach to the need for light, space and air in elegant structures. The resultant buildings feel comfortable and healthy, uplifting and inspirational, while remaining rooted in the real world around us.

Our clients are our partners. Together we shape the program, determine a direction, and define our objectives. The confidence and trust between architect and client are the driving forces behind each of our projects: Client satisfaction means everything to us, and we strive to build and sustain long term relationships.

Achieving a balance between financial, practical, and aesthetic requirements demands sound judgement built upon experience. We understand that cost and time are key to our client's success. We also appreciate that clients are looking for intelligent design: We approach every project with a fresh eye, paying attention to detail, addressing environmental and economic concerns, and encouraging good teamwork.

We aim to simplify and ease the design and construction process for our clients. This is achieved with regular discussion, explanation and review - with each project tailored specifically to client requirements. We look beyond the immediate, searching for opportunities that can transform a project and delight for our clients.

Beauty, Performance, Order and Intelligence.

These are the corner stones of our architectural practice, they frame our design solutions evolved from questions, constraints, ideas, and answers.

At its most basic, building is a way of organizing space and satisfying practical needs. At its most exalted, architecture is a source of wonder and inspiration, confidence and confort. We strive to synthesize these two goals, to create buildings that perform as well as they delight, buildings that uplift the spirit and enhance our environment.

Our design process begins with a careful, in-depth study of each project's requirements and constraints, its use and users, and its ambitions. We then analyze, evaluate, and interpret these factors. Properly informed, Patrice Belle is committed to providing high quality architecture that addresses in a pragmatic way the issues of construction, technology, and sustainability.

Sustainable design

Sustainable Design calls upon the essence of the Architect's intelligence and skill: The careful integration of buildings within their existing natural and cultural context; the creation of an uplifting environment and sense of place; a rigorous and efficient use of resources and their effect on building performance; and the consideration of the future evolution, and use, of the project.

Ecologically responsible architecture is the intelligent future. Properly considered sustainable design principles within a project's overall solution are an integral part of the holistic design approach at the core of Patrice Belle’s work.