You think the builders will be doing all the hard work? A mountain of paperwork awaits anyone undertaking a building project. But we can help make a molehill of it. When you hire Patrice Belle as your architect, you have someone on your side who knows the construction industry’s working methods and standards and can guide you through all the relevant legislation, regulations and contractual arrangements.

The project design is formalised with the planning application. However, once planning permission is granted, there is an essential process before construction can commence:

Detailed drawings & documents including itemised notes and specifications on how the building is to be built are required. These drawings (often refered to as Building Control drawings) identify the materials to be used and detail the construction’s compliance with all relevant Building Regulations and any other statutory requirements (health and safety, disabled access etc.). Therefore, Building Regulations drawings are generally far more detailed than the drawings and design information required for planning approval. Every project for which permission is required will need approvals from both departments.

  1. Work Stages

  2. Preparation

  3. Design

  4. Pre-Construction

  5. Construction

  6. Use